The tools to recognize stand-out student behavior, good or bad.

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We believe that there are three key aspects to behavior management at schools

(And boy, are there a lot of dimensions to that.)


From the big things to the little things, discipline is a part of every school. Hero gives you tools to redirect student behavior more effectively and consistently.

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Hero is built for school-wide positive reinforcement, because recognizing students for the good things they do makes for more positive school culture.

Reinforce the Positive


Communication between school, students, and home is a key factor in student success. Hero has the tools to open these lines of conversation.

Tools to Communicate

Hero Product Features

Hero is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that uses an in–browser web app and a mobile app to allow K–12 schools to capture a record of anything that happens on their campus, and take actions like assigning discipline, granting PBIS points, creating referrals, and printing passes—automatically. Not only will your school save a ton of time capturing incidents this way, you’ll do away with disorganized and inconsistent paper processes, give students instant feedback on their behavior, and make it easy for administrators to instantly pull reports on any type of school behavior, from tardies to PBIS scans.


Positive behavior programs come in all shapes and sizes

No matter what curriculum you use, Hero provides the data collection to help you track points, keep a record of positive behaviors, and make sense of it all with custom reports.

Positive Behavior with Hero


School-wide classroom management tools

Hero takes your school-wide behavior initiatives and brings them to every classroom, keeping redirection, reinforcement, and communication consistent across the board.

Classroom Management in Hero


Simplifying referrals saves time & ensures compliance

Hero streamlines your referral process with time–saving tools like mobile apps to assign referrals anywhere on campus and instantly print passes. Then, use Hero’s compliance monitoring module to ensure students serve their consequences.

Referrals in Hero


A tardiness problem impacts more than just the front desk

Hero helps the front desk process tardy students lightning fast, getting students off to class faster with printed passes to minimize classroom disruption and keep students accountable.

Tardy Tracking With Hero


Keeping parents, teachers, and students on the same page

Engagement Tools in Hero help bridge the communication gap between school and home, helping to make more active participants in student success.

Engagement with Hero


Apps for administrators, staff, parents, and teachers

Hero's apps give administrators and staff tools to save time, and give students and parents a way to stay on top of student behavior matters.

Hero Apps


Track students in and out of anything

In Hero, events aren’t just school dances and pep rallies. Check students in and out of peer tutoring. Manage iPad and laptop checkouts in your media center, even deny access to students with unserved detentions.

Events in Hero
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PlascoTrac is now Hero K12

For over a decade our company has evolved and so has the world of education. EdTech companies are working with schools and districts nationwide to improve student outcomes at all levels. This evolution requires companies operating in this market to become more and more focused, nimble, and dedicated. When we launched the new Hero product in January 2014, we found the name resonated. Hero became far more than a product. Hero became what we live, every day. Our customers, partners, and everyone we’ve met along the way have responded so well to the Hero brand, it’s humbling. To support our commitment to our current and future customers, we are building a new organization to focus solely on K-12 education. Effective November 1, 2014, we are known simply as Hero K12. And we couldn’t be more excited for the future.


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