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How it works

Tardies and other minor incidents are a major pain to deal with effectively. Writing up minor incidents manually burns through instruction time and creates a ton of work for the front office, and it can be a nightmare for principals to make sure consequences are actually served. Hero automates the way you handle minor discipline and tardiness—which makes them, well, a minor annoyance.

Meet your new tardy process

What if your tardy numbers looked like this?

“Hero works because the kids are held accountable.”

Mike Perez

Watsonville HS

“Hero helps motivate students, and we have metrics to show parents.”

Francisco Torres

Aspira Early College HS

“Hero has made a huge difference. It’s made my life so much easier.”

Dr. John Boldt

Southern Wayne HS

Hero helps schools reduce tardies.
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It's not just tardies.

Hero helps you track all kinds of minor incidents like these:

Hero doesn't just save you time.
It aligns with these major initiatives.

  • Early intervention, intervention before suspension.

    Any student can have a bad day. Minor disciplinary infractions aren't the end of the world, but it's important to get a handle on minor behavioral problems and provide appropriate consequences to try to redirect behaviors before they escalate into major disciplinary incidents. Hero gives you the tools to intervene early, which can make your school a better place.

  • Parent involvement.

    What if you were able to build parent outreach into your progressive discipline policy? With Hero, you can. That means that when a student is tardy or is written up for something at school, you can automatically send a parent letter home via email. This gives parents the opportunity to know what's happening at school and help you redirect behavior.

  • Clear and consistent interventions.

    With handwritten tardy passes and slips, it's easy for students to slip through the cracks. When you implement your discipline policy in Hero, disciplinary actions will be clear, and consequences will be consistent and fairly applied. Students respond better to a clearly defined discipline policy, and deserve to be treated fairly and without subjectivity or favoritism.

Minor discipline can be a major challenge.
Let us help you get it under control.
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