Lesson plans have been drafted, grade books are set to a clean slate, and flip-flops are (mostly) being retired. You know what that means: Another school year is about to begin! Because the beginning of the school year can be so hectic, Hero has prepared resources to help kick the new year off right, and ensure a successful Hero roll-out.

This list is designed to direct you to all the resources you’ll need to get up and rolling this year, whether you’re on-boarding and getting ready for your first year, or you’re back at it again. So sit back, pour one last glass of clinking ice and refreshing iced tea out on the veranda, and let’s walk through the process together, in a few easy steps:


Identify target behaviors & set goals

What do you want to accomplish with Hero and how will you monitor your progress? Keep goals simple and measurable on a month-to-month basis. Read our blog to learn more about setting effective goals.

Create hype!

You will find all our helpful Roll-Out resources such as posters, Hero logos, etc. at the Hero Welcome page. There, you can add the Hero login shortcuts to your web site, build bulletin boards, print posters and get everyone excited about Hero!

Plan incentives for students and teachers

In our resources, you’ll find the Hero PBIS Playbook. This document includes many best practices for positive behavior reinforcement, creative incentives, and helpful ideas we’ve collected from schools all over the country.

Train your staff

To get your staff training started off right, Hero has prepared a slide deck template with embedded training videos to help you introduce Hero to your faculty and staff.

Inform your parents

Parent engagement is an important contributor to the success of your behavior programs, and Hero gives parents (and students) their own log-in access to view Hero behaviors and receive notifications whenever Hero behaviors are recognized. Please prepare to distribute the Hero parent log-in credentials with your back-to-school kick-off paperwork for parents and students. Here are the instructions to set up the parent & student Hero login credentials.

Configure Hero for the new school term

Your prior year data will be automatically archived before the beginning of each school year. If you require that last year’s data be permanently deleted, you can request deletion by completing and submitting the Data Deletion Authorization form. There are a few other tips—like how to change your school calendar dates and how to update your term—that are key to getting your Hero account ready for the new year. You can find more of our Quick Start Guides under Product Info & Tips in our resources section.