It can be daunting to roll out a new tool to teachers. We’re here to help, with suggestions and tools to help your Hero roll-out go smoothly.

Tips for a successful teacher training session:

Picking the right team.
The trainers running your sessions should include a combination of school leadership and your Hero Champion. It’s important to at least include part of the leadership team as it shows that you have buy in from the leaders at your school for your Hero program.

The right class size.
We recommend that you run smaller training sessions with 3-15 participants. If the group gets too big, there can be too many interruptions and you’ll lose the attention of your teachers. Groups can be created by department or grade level.

Timing is everything.
Training should occur within one to three days of the teacher launch so that information is fresh in their minds, and should be approximately half an hour during planning time or a teacher planning day.

Prepare in advance.
To make sure you are not bogged down by logistics and minor troubleshooting the day of the training, there are some things we recommend doing in advance:

  • Ensure that all students, teachers and rosters are in Hero.
  • Make sure teachers are able to log in before the training.
  • Teachers will need to bring their laptops to the session.
  • The room that you’re holding the training in should have a projector, screen, or interactive display.

Download the Hero training presentation.
Download this sample staff presentation and customize to fit your school’s needs and goals.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to contact your customer success manager if you need any additional help or resources!