We hope that you are excited about cultivating a more engaged community of parents and students. This playbook will walk you through the basics of getting started with Hero’s Parent + Student Engagement Tools.

1   |   Login to Hero

Go to the Hero app home page, where schools, parents, and students can log in, create new accounts, and download the mobile version.

2   |   App Walkthrough

Before you get started, explore the features and tools that are part of Hero’s Parent + Student Engagement platform with this software walk-through.

3   |   Basics for Admins

A Quick Start Guide for administrators about activation keys, the necessary first step towards account creation.

4   |   Basics for Parents

A Quick Start Guide for parents and students to create accounts once activation keys are received.

5   |   Sample Invitations

These sample letters (in English and Spanish) can communicate to parents + students about creating Hero accounts.

6   |   Mail Merge Guide

Read this guide for help using mail merge to disseminate activation keys to parents & students. Better yet, watch this video!