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Does your positive behavior program need a pick me-up?

So you’ve been awarding Hero points for positive behavior? Give yourself a pat on the back! But now what? Here are some fresh and easy incentive ideas that you can use to give participation a boost. Recognize your top point earners – Use the schoolwide points report to identify the students with the most points. Or use the accrued records report to identify students with the highest number of tracks for a specific behavior. Announce these superheroes over the announcements or deliver a special certificate and prize to their homeroom class. This will also create hype for your program! Hold a daily, weekly, or monthly raffle – Use the daily activity report to select a random student for a special prize. The more positive...

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Quarter One Checklist

It’s important to take some time to close out the first quarter so that you’re set up for success for the next quarter. This checklist will help your administrators, teachers, students and parents close out the first quarter and prepare for the upcoming quarter. Need help closing out your quarter or fine tuning your Hero program? Schedule time with your your Customer Success Manager Using the Info Below: Andrea Wilkins – schedule time or contact her via email: awilkins@herok12.com or (800) 396-1615×173 Daniel Haithcox – schedule time or contact him via email: dhaithcox@herok12.com or (800) 396-1615×180 Donna Wagner – schedule time or contact her via email: dwagner@herok12.com or (800) 396-1615×171 Caitlin Wetzel – schedule time or contact her via email: Cwetzel@herok12.com or (800) 396-1615×178...

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Steps & Resources for a Successful Hero Re-Launch

To prepare for the upcoming school year, a little bit of planning will help ensure that your Hero relaunch will be as successful as can be. Here are the steps we suggest you take: Train – schedule time for your Hero “team of champions” to provide refresher training for your faculty and staff. Need training help? This landing page will walk you through all the training options that we provide. Launch – Build the hype! Create bulletin boards, announcements, and fresh incentives for students and faculty. Monitory & Reward – provide regular feedback and shout-outs to teachers, students and parents through incentives and Hero. Visualize your Hero relaunch timeline and schedule your teacher-rollout date, student roll-out assembly, parent roll-out date, go-live date and 1st...

Our customers say it best.

  • "Our focus on improving school culture is paying off. Teachers report fewer behavioral problems, disciplinary referral rates have dropped, and more parents are choosing Finger Lake for their children’s education. "

    Susan Steele

    Principal, Finger Lake Elementary

  • "I've been doing this work for 23 years. There's no doubt in my mind that Hero has been a major contributor to all that is positive at Lyons Creek Middle School."

    Horace Hamm, Principal

    Lyons Creek Middle School

  • "Hero reminds me to always be doing what is expected of me and encourage my friends to do the same."


    Cleveland School of the Arts


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