Hero makes it easier to recognize positive student behavior.

Simplify your campus-wide positive behavior initiatives

Hero takes your behavior framework—whether you are using PBIS, a District-led behavior initiative, or something of your own design—and builds a system to recognize, reward, and reinforce those behaviors school-wide. This allows you to scale your program, and it’s effectiveness, throughout your school, and recognize positive behavior wherever and whenever it happens.

1. Start with an idea of a school behavior reinforcement plan and behavior matrix.

2. We help you set up a system of incentives and positive interventions within Hero.

3. The outcome is a measurable and accurate accounting of your program, resulting in an improved school climate.

Positive behavior reinforcement works.

Programs—like RTI, PBIS, MTSS and SEL—that offer alternative ways to redirect student behavior systemically improve your school climate while reducing the number of overall suspensions. By using your students’ natural proclivity for recognition, positive behavior programs focus on and catalyze the things they are doing right, rather than punish them for what they are doing wrong.

Focusing on the good essentially helps eliminate the bad, and there is plenty of data to back this up:

Typical Shift in Behavior once PBIS Concepts are Introduced Top Positive Behavior Codes Tracked with Hero over the past year

But, don't take our word for it

“We are constantly analyzing how much time we spend redirecting student behavior. At Uplift Infinity, we are
very data-driven, and we believe that great culture breeds great instruction.”- Denise Cherrington, Dean of Students
at Uplift Infinity Preparatory

Hero makes your behavior program more impactful on so many levels

Hero aligns with these programs

At Hero, we’ve been building software for K-12 schools for over ten years.
Not only do we know all about the programs and initiatives you care about, we’ve built Hero to power them.

Put a positive spin on your behavior policy.

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