Making the switch from PlascoTrac to
Hero has never been easier.

Hero is the future of PlascoTrac

For over a decade, our company has evolved—and so has the world of education. With the advent of increased technological capabilities, EdTech companies have become more accessible, efficient, and focused, and PlascoTrac is no exception. In January 2014, we launched Hero, cloud-based student behavior management software. The increased mobility and accessibility of Hero provides the true behavior analytics platform that gives you the capabilities of PlascoTrac, but is easier to scale and is accessible from anywhere on campus.

PlascoTrac will always be where we started, but we’re excited for the future with Hero.

If you know PlascoTrac, here's how Hero compares.


Student behavior tracking

Major incident tracking  

SIS integration

Parent letters and emails

Parent & Student push notifications  

Unlimited user licenses  

No installation required  

Android / iOS apps  

Accessible from any secure connection  

Feature lists are just that—feature lists. Hero opens the doors to a unique set
of school programs that just wouldn't be possible with PlascoTrac.

Customers are happy they switched

“I always joke with the school president—between Hero and PowerSchool, I’ve got the whole school in my pocket.”
- Mario Sazo, Dean of Students, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep

Hero changes the game.

If you make the switch from PlascoTrac to Hero, we will migrate your existing programs, retrain your staff, and give you six free months to make sure it's the right fit.

That sounds great!

Have a question? Reach out to us, we’re happy to talk it through.

Will I still be able to receive support for PlascoTrac from Hero K12?
Yes. Existing PlascoTrac customers will continue to have access to the same support resources, help desk, and phone and live chat support, just like before.

Will Hero K12 continue to support and update the PlascoTrac mobile apps?
Yes. Hero K12 stands behind the PlascoTrac solution and is committed to having available mobile apps for PlascoTrac customers.

I have an active maintenance agreement with PlascoTrac. Has anything changed with that?
Nope! All PlascoTrac contracts and agreements will be honored by Hero K12, and we’ll continue to offer maintenance agreements and renewals to PlascoTrac customers.

I need a new W9 from you guys, how do I get one?
No problem, you can download our current W9 here. If there are any other documents your district requires, just let us know. We want this to be as easy as possible for you.

But I love PlascoTrac and don’t want to change a thing!
That’s awesome! Nothing makes us happier than knowing we provide our customers with exactly what they need. We’d like to take this chance to assure you of this: For you, nothing will change. You’ll receive support and maintenance for PlascoTrac products just like you did before, the only difference will be that we answer the phone as Hero K12.


  • "The system does exactly what it's supposed to do. It will reduce your tardies by at least 50%. September 12 is the first day implemented - we had 138 tardies that day. By November 20, we were averaging down to 8 to 9 tardies. It works."

    Walter Camper

    McClellan High School, Little Rock, AR

  • "Before, we had kids just standing in the hallways refusing to go to the class, just doing what they want to do. But after [Hero], and they saw us with the system, we had kids rushing, running to class!"

    Dewayne Boone

    Henderson Middle School, Little Rock, AR

  • "It has helped us decrease our tardies to where we'd have maybe a 100 kids per period, we're down to maybe 20. The kids know that it gets downloaded so fast, the reprimand is very quick. It's helped us clear the hallways and get our discipline under control, and get them into class where they need to be to study and move forward."

    Luis Gonzalez

    Hall High School, Little Rock, AR

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