Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Cedar Creek Middle School Uses Technology to Improve Student Behavior

Technology has undoubtedly enhanced many aspects of our lives. But can it also improve student behavior? Hero customer Cedar Creek Middle School was recently featured in an eSchool News article because of the success they’ve had in improving student behavior on campus. The culture shift at Cedar Creek began with the implementation of a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which, with the help of Hero, helps to recognize all students for their good behavior. As the school’s PBIS director, Karessa Parish, explains, “We were spending 80 percent of our time focusing on just 20 percent of our students, who were the ones with behavior issues. But that means 80 percent of our students were excellent and weren’t getting the recognition they deserve.”...

written June 14, 2017 by Nikki Alvarez

The Case for Happier Schools

Students learn invaluable social skills in a happier, more positive school climate. In our modern world where a student could “go to school” using their laptop, there is one tremendous advantage of a brick-and-mortar campus that is not going away: the social and emotional connections made through a positive school climate. Dance your way to a more positive school climate. “Happy schools,” like Weiner Elementary School in northeast Arkansas, are the result of carefully implemented activities and policies that create a sense of community and happiness school-wide. “It’s a feeling in a building,” Hogue explains. “When you walk in here, it just feels right. It looks like a place where learning is happening.” Every morning, school begins with a dance party before school, using...

written January 18, 2017 by The Hero Collective

How to Reduce Referrals with Positive Behavior Reinforcement

As new information reveals the connection between the school-to-prison pipeline and suspensions, many schools are seeking alternative forms of discipline. And it’s working. Positive behavior reinforcement programs recognize students for meeting certain behavior expectations rather than tracking behavioral infractions. A growing number of schools are finding consistent results using positive behavior reinforcement programs as a means of reducing negative student behavior on campus. In fact, one middle school cut discipline referrals by 98 percent using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). In their article covering the positive results of Redland Middle School’s PBIS system, the National Education Association (NEA) reported that before PBIS, Redland was referring over 1,200 students to the principals office each year. But by focusing on “constructive interventions as an alternative...

written November 14, 2016 by The Hero Collective

Insights: How to Turn Around a Failing School

A study examines 160 schools in the United Kingdom that made changes in order to turn their campuses around. The results are fascinating. Which changes improved student academic performance? Which changes didn’t work? How much did the changes cost? Out of the numerous insights offered on how to turn around a failing school, one key finding wound its way through the article… The results of the study demonstrate clearly that a positive school climate and positively reinforced student behavior program is critical to turning around a failing school. In fact, the article goes so far as to caution schools from improving classroom instruction before creating an environment that promotes positive student behaviors. “You can’t expect teachers to sort out all the problems themselves,” warns...

written October 12, 2016 by The Hero Collective

How a School-Wide PBIS Program Is Changing a City

Salinas, California is fighting violence with a school-wide positive behavior program. We like to highlight schools around the nation that are implementing positive behavior programs, like PBIS, well in their school. We believe that creating a positive school environment has an effect that reaches beyond campus—and the school district of Salinas, California is proof. Through their dedication to a school-wide positive behavior program (SWPBIS), they are combating violence beyond the school walls. Positive and safe school climates have a direct effect on the communities in which they live. Salinas, CA is one of the least educated cities in America with one of the lowest numbers of doctors per capita. Endemic violence has ruled the city for years with over 22 known gangs in residence...

written June 13, 2016 by The Hero Collective


  • "What Hero is able to do is offer a management system to problem solve on what’s working, what’s not, and how do you go about creating new systems and processes to overcome your challenges."

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti

    Superintendant, Duval County Public Schools

  • "Hero is changing the conversation. Where a teacher might be more apt to focus on certain behaviors in their classroom, this focuses them on school-wide behaviors that we want to see."

    Terry Connor

    Principal, Samuel Wolfson High School

  • "I feel that Hero is instilling positive reinforcement with the kids... In education, we're used to the culture of reinforcing negative behaviors. Now, we're creating a positive culture where students are publicly recognized. There's a reward system. They're recognized by their peers, they're recognized by the faculty and staff, they're recognized by their principal, and it starts to spread throughout the school."

    Carlos Alvarez

    Principal, Hialeah Educational Academy


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