Hero Customer Stories

Customer Story: Boynton Beach Community High School

Majority Rule A Florida high school improves its culture by flipping its focus from misbehaving students to its high achievers. Guarn Sims was born and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida, but when the lifelong educator became principal of his hometown’s high school last year, he realized he had the same misconceptions of Boynton Beach Community High School as many of the area’s residents. “I had the perception there were school fights everyday,” he said. “I was so wrong.” The principal knew the school was a “high-needs school,” meaning that a large percentage of students were both low-income and minorities. What he didn’t realize until he started working at the school is that there are about 200 students who are behind in their academic achievement...

written March 27, 2018 by Autumn Miller

Customer Story: Duval County Public Schools

Using Hero as a District-Wide Solution for Better-Behaving, Higher-Performing Schools With 128,000 students and 8,000 teachers split across 197 schools, the Duval County Public School System (DCPS) in Jacksonville, Florida, is the 20th largest district in the country. Like many districts, its schools are comprised of a healthy mix of neighborhood, charter, magnet, and alternative schools. But what makes DCPS particularly interesting is that Jacksonville is the largest city (by area) in the United States, so it’s student population is completely diverse, leading to some schools performing better—academically and behaviorally—than others. The challenge, then, for Duval and all districts, is how do you get all of the schools on the same page? How do you get the poorer performing schools to do better, behaviorally...

written October 7, 2017 by Nikki Alvarez

Hero Customer: Valley High School

How one school transformed school culture in a big way with positive behavior reinforcement and Hero. Valley High School has been garnering a lot of attention lately—for good reason. They have improved their school culture and shed their priority school label in the process. A school is determined to be a “priority school” if it underperforms across certain state measures like testing and graduation rates. But when Valley High School, in Louisville Kentucky was added to this list in 2010, the newly appointed principal, Rob Stevenson, knew that designation needed to change. But they had some pretty big obstacles to overcome. As Principal Stevenson explains; “Some students were 5 grade levels behind in reading ability, and the culture at the school just wasn’t conducive...

written August 22, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

Customer Story: Cocoa High School

How one school dramatically reduced negative behavior with restorative practices and a paperless referral system. Lorri Benjamin is a passionate administrator who believes education has a tremendous impact on future generations. She started out her career as an Elementary Teacher, and worked her way up through the ranks towards her current role of Assistant Principal of Cocoa High School. Her belief in the power of education, and seeing her students graduate, is what motivates her every day. Even for her 7th graders, she is inspired to think of that student crossing the stage for graduation. “I think that education is the only thing that’s going to make a difference in this country. I just believe that’s where everybody has to start. Our school has...

written July 6, 2017 by Nikki Alvarez

Customer Story: Indian Springs High School

How a San Bernardino High School shattered the belief that challenging urban schools cannot benefit from a positive behavior program. Some teachers are born almost predisposed to become educators—either they come from a long line of teachers, or knew they wanted to teach from a young age. But others sort of “fall into it”, like Jacob Rosario, who had a whole other career outside of education before stepping into the classroom—first as a substitute teacher, then teacher, and working his way up until his current role of Vice Principal at Indian Springs High School. The passion and dedication he has to help kids “become productive citizens” shows some educators just take a little longer to discover their calling. Indian Springs High School is in...

written June 20, 2017 by Nikki Alvarez

Our customers say it best.

  • "What Hero is able to do is offer a management system to problem solve on what’s working, what’s not, and how do you go about creating new systems and processes to overcome your challenges."

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti

    Superintendant, Duval County Public Schools

  • "Hero is changing the conversation. Where a teacher might be more apt to focus on certain behaviors in their classroom, this focuses them on school-wide behaviors that we want to see."

    Terry Connor

    Principal, Samuel Wolfson High School

  • "I feel that Hero is instilling positive reinforcement with the kids... In education, we're used to the culture of reinforcing negative behaviors. Now, we're creating a positive culture where students are publicly recognized. There's a reward system. They're recognized by their peers, they're recognized by the faculty and staff, they're recognized by their principal, and it starts to spread throughout the school."

    Carlos Alvarez

    Principal, Hialeah Educational Academy


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