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    Encouraging Student Success with Hero

    written September 20, 2017 by Jessica Cameron

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The Effects of Positive Teacher Feedback

A recent study from the University of Cambridge had powerful implications: Positive feedback from teachers matters a lot to student achievement. Teaching is hard. No scientific study needs to be performed to establish this universally experienced truth. But is it hard because of the complexity of the course material? Is it hard because of fixed (often humble) salaries? Is it hard because of class prep work or test scoring during exam time? While these realities of the job do cause a level of frustration and challenge for educators, they’re not the reason teaching is hard. The whole endeavor of education is an enterprise in inspiring young minds to invest in their own pursuit of knowledge and achievement. If teaching were merely doling out information...

written September 21, 2017 by The Hero Collective

Using Texts to Reinforce Positive Student Behavior

Recent studies conclude that real-time behavior updates sent to parents improves student achievement. In a recent article, one high school English teacher shared how debilitating it can feel when parents are unresponsive or lack initiative when it comes to their child’s education: Teachers may have certain expectations for individual students, and parents may have another. I expect my students to do their best and meet my high standards, but sometimes their parents don’t care (or so it seems) if their child even turns in a homework assignment… I completely understand that many parents are pushed to the limits and are trying their best, but attitudes like this are frustrating for a teacher, especially when a student has potential but appears unmotivated. It would be...

written September 19, 2017 by The Hero Collective

How Our Schools Plan to Use Hero This Year – Advice from Educators

Hero educators share their ideas for using Hero this year. Our customers are our inspiration. They are constantly inventing new ways to use Hero in their Classrooms and Schools. In the Discussions area of our customer community – Hero Homeroom, we asked the question, “How are you planning on using Hero this school year?” Here is what they had to say… INCENTIVES Incentives are a great way to motivate students. Rewarding students frequently, recognizing even the smallest things, and using “tiered” incentives are some ways that you can motivate students. Here’s what a few Hero customers had to say about their plans for incentives this year: “I plan on challenging my students to earn a certain number of points to be able to be...

written September 12, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

Valley High School Makes a Positive Shift and Sheds it’s Priority Label

Hero Customer Valley High School has been garnering a lot of attention lately—for good reason. They have improved their school culture and shed their priority school label in the process. A school is determined to be a “priority school” if it underperforms across certain state measures like testing and graduation rates. But when Valley High School, in Louisville Kentucky was added to this list in 2010, the newly appointed principal, Rob Stevenson, knew that designation needed to change. But they had some pretty big obstacles to overcome. As Principal Stevenson explains; “Some students were 5 grade levels behind in reading ability, and the culture at the school just wasn’t conducive to learning.” Jennie Currin, a College Access Resource Teacher and member of the Positive...

written August 22, 2017 by The Hero Collective

Social and Emotional Learning: Friend or Faux Psychology?

An article in Education Week questions the legitimacy and importance of Social and Emotional Learning. Not everyone will agree on everything. That’s an unequivocal fact of life, especially on topics that can be polarizing—like education, or personal—like how to raise our children. Social and Emotional Learning incorporates both of these topics, and because of that, and despite its many proponents, it has gained some naysayers along the way. Before Social and Emotional Learning, there was the Self-Esteem Movement John Vasconcellos, now deceased, was a former California State Senator, and could loosely be considered the “Grandfather of Social and Emotional Learning”. In the 80’s, he convinced the Governor at the time to “promote self-esteem and personal and social responsibility” which he agreed to, and appointed...

written August 15, 2017 by The Hero Collective


  • "What Hero is able to do is offer a management system to problem solve on what’s working, what’s not, and how do you go about creating new systems and processes to overcome your challenges."

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti

    Superintendant, Duval County Public Schools

  • "Hero is changing the conversation. Where a teacher might be more apt to focus on certain behaviors in their classroom, this focuses them on school-wide behaviors that we want to see."

    Terry Connor

    Principal, Samuel Wolfson High School

  • "I feel that Hero is instilling positive reinforcement with the kids... In education, we're used to the culture of reinforcing negative behaviors. Now, we're creating a positive culture where students are publicly recognized. There's a reward system. They're recognized by their peers, they're recognized by the faculty and staff, they're recognized by their principal, and it starts to spread throughout the school."

    Carlos Alvarez

    Principal, Hialeah Educational Academy


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