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    Customer Story: Aspira Early College High School

    written October 4, 2016 by Nikki Alvarez

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Tips to Get Your Teachers Using Hero

Five tips to motivate your teachers to use Hero, right from the start. One of the biggest challenges school leaders face when implementing any new program (particularly a software program) on campus is how to increase teacher buy-in and enthusiasm from the beginning. The roll-out phase of Hero needs to be planned with staff members in mind to ensure success. No one knows their own staff personalities better than school leaders! It is critical to keep in mind the tenure and personality of your staff when rolling out a program like Hero. Here are some important considerations to make before rolling Hero out to your staff along with some ways to diagnose and treat low usage by teachers. 1. Creating “The Why.” Building a...

written October 24, 2016 by Bianca Soto

Poor Data Leads to Poor Decisions

The impact of incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccessible student behavior data in schools. A recent Cabinet Report article reported that 85 percent of districts in Florida and Texas reported zero instances of bullying in the last Civil Rights Data Collection Survey. So is this a sign of schools skewing the numbers in their favor? While that might make for a great episode in your favorite TV drama, it’s really the outcome of poor data collection. The key issue here is that poor data collection leads to uninformed policy makers, and therefore, less than ideal policy decisions. Schools across the nation have shown their commitment to making progress towards positive school climates through innovative programs like anti-bullying measures, social emotional learning, and restorative justice. But there’s...

written October 17, 2016 by The Hero Collective

Insights: How to Turn Around a Failing School

A study examines 160 schools in the United Kingdom that made changes in order to turn their campuses around. The results are fascinating. Which changes improved student academic performance? Which changes didn’t work? How much did the changes cost? Out of the numerous insights offered on how to turn around a failing school, one key finding wound its way through the article… The results of the study demonstrate clearly that a positive school climate and positively reinforced student behavior program is critical to turning around a failing school. In fact, the article goes so far as to caution schools from improving classroom instruction before creating an environment that promotes positive student behaviors. “You can’t expect teachers to sort out all the problems themselves,” warns...

written October 12, 2016 by The Hero Collective

Customer Story: Aspira Early College High School

How one school uses positive behavior reinforcement to decrease tardies by 86%. Anyone up-to-date on current events is aware of the financial crisis that has befallen the Chicago Public School System. Tight budgets are a common complaint of publicly funded schools, but the current situation exacerbates that baseline situation tenfold. As a result, Chicago schools are struggling more than ever to keep teachers on staff and supply closets stocked. Regardless of where the funding comes—or doesn’t come—from, schools need to find ways to stay the course. Aspira Early College High School in Chicago is one school that, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them, continues to thrive and bring positivity to their students and community. Aspira Early College High School in Chicago, Illinois. Challenge...

written October 4, 2016 by Nikki Alvarez

Giving Students a Second Chance

It wasn’t that long ago that Miami-Dade County Public Schools announced their radical step to eliminate out-of-school suspensions. Since then, they’ve been making headlines and changing the lives of students. Sarasota, Florida’s Herald Tribune has been investigating the ways school districts in Florida are approaching student discipline. Policies vary widely across the state. The difference in approach couldn’t be more drastic. Some districts have extraordinarily high expulsion rates for everything from disrupting class to setting fires on campus to others. Others, like Miami-Dade County Public Schools are standing out for their bold stance to eliminate out-of-school suspensions. There are no easy answers or shortcuts to creating a positive school climate. On the one hand, research shows that students who had been suspended or expelled...

written September 14, 2016 by The Hero Collective

How Much are School Suspensions Costing Us?

It’s easy to see how school suspensions have a detrimental impact on student morale and overall academic achievement, but what about the financial cost? According to a recent study released by the UCLA Civil Rights Project, out of school suspensions are exacting a steep financial toll on both individual students and society at large… to the tune of billions of dollars per year. $35 billion nationwide, to be exact. The report relies heavily on data from the Educational Longitudinal Survey of 2002 and the economic analysis of Clive Belfield, an economist at Queens College. The 2002 survey found that sophomore students suspended in the 2001–2002 school year were 12 percent more likely to drop out of high school than students who were not suspended....

written September 13, 2016 by The Hero Collective


  • "What Hero is able to do is offer a management system to problem solve on what’s working, what’s not, and how do you go about creating new systems and processes to overcome your challenges."

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti

    Superintendant, Duval County Public Schools

  • "Hero is changing the conversation. Where a teacher might be more apt to focus on certain behaviors in their classroom, this focuses them on school-wide behaviors that we want to see."

    Terry Connor

    Principal, Samuel Wolfson High School

  • "I feel that Hero is instilling positive reinforcement with the kids... In education, we're used to the culture of reinforcing negative behaviors. Now, we're creating a positive culture where students are publicly recognized. There's a reward system. They're recognized by their peers, they're recognized by the faculty and staff, they're recognized by their principal, and it starts to spread throughout the school."

    Carlos Alvarez

    Principal, Hialeah Educational Academy


PlascoTrac is now Hero K12

For over a decade our company has evolved and so has the world of education. EdTech companies are working with schools and districts nationwide to improve student outcomes at all levels. This evolution requires companies operating in this market to become more and more focused, nimble, and dedicated. When we launched the new Hero product in January 2014, we found the name resonated. Hero became far more than a product. Hero became what we live, every day. Our customers, partners, and everyone we’ve met along the way have responded so well to the Hero brand, it’s humbling. To support our commitment to our current and future customers, we are building a new organization to focus solely on K-12 education. Effective November 1, 2014, we are known simply as Hero K12. And we couldn’t be more excited for the future.


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