Discipline, Positive Behavior, & Home Engagement? There's an app for that.

There are 3 ways to access Hero


  • Connect to Hero from any laptop or desktop computer, using any operating system.


  • Is your iPhone your sidekick? Schools, Parents, & Students can connect that way, too.


  • Hero has native apps for your Android phones, & browser compatibility for tablets.

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We have school stakeholders covered

School Leaders

  • Automate existing behavior programs and implement new ones with ease.
  • Create, download, and share real-time, dynamic reports.
  • Access Hero from anywhere with mobile apps and browser compatibility.

Teachers & Administrative Staff

  • Assign points and actions quickly from desktop or mobile.
  • Show parents and school leaders detailed behavior history.
  • Ditch the log book and speed up slow manual processes, like tardy tracking.


  • Push notifications can be used to keep parents informed of their child's behavior—in real time.
  • Keeps parents and school aligned with school-initiated conversations.
  • Allow parents to celebrate the good things their child does with positve behavior alerts.


  • Allow students to see their up-to-date PBIS point totals and disciplinary actions needed.
  • The Hero Student Passport feature provides check-in to events and detentions using their phone.
  • More visibility leads to increased ownership over behavior and engagment with the Hero program.

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School resources

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Parent Resources

Access to Hero mobile applications is free. In order to use the Hero apps you must be authorized by your school administrators. Parents and students must also obtain a secure key to login to Hero. Hero does not offer individual accounts outside of our signed school relationships.


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