We are Hero, not heroes.

Our story

We are in business to have a profound, positive impact on student behavior, making school a better place to work, learn and grow. Interested in specifics? This video explains the impact of Hero better than a mission statement ever could.

The Hero team

We are managers, salesmen (and women), parents, animal-rights advocates, photography enthusiasts, avid readers, part-time craft bartenders, sci-fi aficionados, and sports fans (with varying team loyalties). We are a diverse group, coming together for a common goal—to help schools be better.

Oliver Wreford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer Bryan Landaburu, Head of Marketing Robert Alonso, Director of Product Development Andrea Wilkins, Director of Customer Success

Oliver Wreford
Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Bryan Landaburu
Head of Marketing

Robert Alonso
Director of Product Development

Andrea Wilkins
Director of Customer Success

Elva Resillez, Director of Operations Ka Yin Mok, Controller Melvin Blanco, Senior Sales Manager Eric Toms, Senior Sales Manager

Elva Resillez
Director of Operations

Ka Yin Mok

Melvin Blanco
Senior Sales Manager

Eric Toms
Senior Sales Manager

Bill Dickenson, Regional Sales Manager Carl Moore, Regional Sales Manager Alex Alonso, Implementation Specialist Patrick Maynes, Customer Success Manager

Bill Dickenson
Regional Sales Manager

Carl Moore
Regional Sales Manager

Alex Alonso
Data Systems Manager

Patrick Maynes
Customer Success Manager

Daniel Haithcox, Customer Success Manager Alexandra Mojzik, Customer Success Manager Donna Wagner, Customer Success Coach Carol Chahoud, Accountant

Daniel Haithcox
Customer Success Manager

Alexandra Mojzik
Customer Success Manager

Donna Wagner
Customer Success Coach

Carol Chahoud

Gladys Leon, Customer Care Manager Walter Lopez, Technical Support Corey Shelton, Software Product Manager Jessica Mitchell, Customer Marketing Manager

Gladys Leon
Customer Care Manager

Walter Lopez
Technical Support

Corey Shelton
Software Product Manager

Jessica Mitchell
Customer Marketing Manager

Jessica Cameron, Marketing Operations Manager Renzo Arecco, Creative Director Autumn Miller, Sr. Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist Keesa Sung, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Jessica Cameron
Growth Marketing Manager

Renzo Arecco
Creative Director

Autumn Miller
Sr. Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist

Keesa Sung
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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  • "What Hero is able to do is offer a management system to problem solve on what’s working, what’s not, and how do you go about creating new systems and processes to overcome your challenges."

    Dr. Nikolai Vitti

    Superintendant, Duval County Public Schools

  • "Hero is changing the conversation. Where a teacher might be more apt to focus on certain behaviors in their classroom, this focuses them on school-wide behaviors that we want to see."

    Terry Connor

    Principal, Samuel Wolfson High School

  • "I feel that Hero is instilling positive reinforcement with the kids... In education, we're used to the culture of reinforcing negative behaviors. Now, we're creating a positive culture where students are publicly recognized. There's a reward system. They're recognized by their peers, they're recognized by the faculty and staff, they're recognized by their principal, and it starts to spread throughout the school."

    Carlos Alvarez

    Principal, Hialeah Educational Academy


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