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    Customer Story: Margate Elementary

    written April 20, 2016 by Lauren Bouffard

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Next Year With Hero: Teacher Adoption

A Hero Customer Success Manager (and former teacher) shares tips on how to get your teachers on board with Hero. As an administrator, one quickly learns that the unexpected usually becomes the expectation. Days are full of new incidents, surprise meetings, and, of course, the already-planned work. The same goes for teachers. Interruptions are inevitable. Lunch breaks turn into no breaks, and the last thing one would want is an additional task to accomplish during the already jam-packed school day. If you are looking towards Hero to reduce tardies, reduce referrals and just have an overall positive impact on your school culture, teacher adoption and usage of the program is crucial. And as an administrator, you hold the key, and the way you approach...

written May 18, 2016 by Bianca Soto

What to Look Forward to Next School Year With Hero

Read about some of the changes we’ve made, motivated by the desire to help our customers succeed. Hero’s priority has always been the success of our customers, but now more than ever our customer success function is firing on all cylinders. This upcoming year holds enormous potential for Hero—and for you—our beloved customer. As our company grows, we continue to learn and progress forward with you, adapting to your needs and the ever-evolving climate of education. Here are some changes that reflect that evolution. NEED HELP? Having tools to understand our product are crucial for ensuring your success with Hero. We listened when our Heroes spoke and invested in a new “HELP” solution within the Hero application. When you login, you may have noticed...

written May 10, 2016 by Bryan Landaburu

Challenges in the Way of a Positive School Culture

A lot of school campuses would like to cultivate a more positive culture. So what stands in the way? There’s a growing number of school districts focusing on creating positive school environments as a means of promoting student achievement. Everyday, more professional educators are realizing that deterring bad behaviors with a strict penal code is a much harder and less effective means to bring about student success. There are several hurdles in the way of educators who are implementing programs to instill a positive school environment. In an Education Week article, education writers Peter DeWitt and Sean Slade, co-authors of the book School Climate Change: How Do I Build a Positive Environment for Learning, assert there are two main hurdles in the way of...

written May 5, 2016 by The Hero Collective

Discipline Reform: Rethinking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Do schools need to reevaluate and reform their discipline policies? 17-year old Brooklyn native Christine Rodriguez believes so. Christine is a college freshman and has been involved in a concerted effort between parents, educators, child rights advocates, and civil rights leaders to reform New York City school’s discipline policies. She’s been under the district’s tough disciplinary system for all of her primary school years. “I’ve been to public school my whole life. I’ve experienced the school-to-prison pipeline and criminalization [of students]. And I’ve questioned why all of these things happen to our communities.” What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline? We’ve covered the school-to-prison pipeline before, which refers to the growing number of students being referred into the criminal justice system by school officials for sometimes...

written May 3, 2016 by The Hero Collective

The Opportunity Cost of Discipline

How much time and money is spent at your school on discipline referrals? Use our calculator to find out. It is proven that the amount of time spent on instruction is directly correlated to academic achievement in schools. The time lost due to disciplinary disruptions can be referred to as the “opportunity cost” of discipline. When Susie is disruptive in class, her teacher stops instruction to address the issue. Once the teacher has taken disciplinary action, Susie is sent to the Assistant Principal’s office for them to spend their time dealing with the escalation. We all know how this goes. It’s cyclical and reactive, but most of all, time consuming. The opportunity cost of disciplining Susie is two fold; the time spent, as well...

written April 28, 2016 by Lauren Bouffard

Customer Story: Margate Elementary

How one school used small changes to make a big difference If David Rothman doesn’t tell you he is from New York, you may be able to guess it. He has the subdued sarcasm and casual authority characteristic of someone who grew up in the Northeast. His family is full of teachers, and he joined them in the family trade when he made his way south to Margate Elementary School, in Pompano Beach, Florida. That was 9 years ago, and while he has worked at other schools, he says, fondly, that it’s, “Nothing like this.” The atmosphere, people and staff set Margate apart as a special place to work. His official title at Margate is STEM coordinator. Like many educators, he wears multiple hats,...

written April 20, 2016 by Lauren Bouffard


  • "The system does exactly what it's supposed to do. It will reduce your tardies by at least 50%. September 12 is the first day implemented - we had 138 tardies that day. By November 20, we were averaging down to 8 to 9 tardies. It works."

    Walter Camper

    McClellan High School, Little Rock, AR

  • "Before, we had kids just standing in the hallways refusing to go to the class, just doing what they want to do. But after [Hero], and they saw us with the system, we had kids rushing, running to class!"

    Dewayne Boone

    Henderson Middle School, Little Rock, AR

  • "It has helped us decrease our tardies to where we'd have maybe a 100 kids per period, we're down to maybe 20. The kids know that it gets downloaded so fast, the reprimand is very quick. It's helped us clear the hallways and get our discipline under control, and get them into class where they need to be to study and move forward."

    Luis Gonzalez

    Hall High School, Little Rock, AR


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PlascoTrac is now Hero K12

For over a decade our company has evolved and so has the world of education. EdTech companies are working with schools and districts nationwide to improve student outcomes at all levels. This evolution requires companies operating in this market to become more and more focused, nimble, and dedicated. When we launched the new Hero product in January 2014, we found the name resonated. Hero became far more than a product. Hero became what we live, every day. Our customers, partners, and everyone we’ve met along the way have responded so well to the Hero brand, it’s humbling. To support our commitment to our current and future customers, we are building a new organization to focus solely on K-12 education. Effective November 1, 2014, we are known simply as Hero K12. And we couldn’t be more excited for the future.


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